Skills & Training Videos

Coach Angie has begun producing workout / softball videos and has created a YouTube Channel called "Safe At Home"

Click here to visit her page

She is being assisted by Kate Deming (Jefferson Coach, former Jefferson and St. Bens Player), Emily Carr (former Jefferson Player & St. Olaf player), Claire Boatman (Faribault Coach & former St. Bens Player), and Megan Toninato (former St. Bens Player)

There are two videos already posted and they will post new videos as the finish them. Players are encouraged to save this link and to also "Subscribe" to the Safe at Home page when you get there. Don't forget to check back frequently to view new material.



Here are some additional tee drills that all players could be working on during this unusual off-season time. We have 5 different drills, 10 swings each, that each player should do daily if possible. We are looking forward to the return of softball, whenever that may be, and these should help keep the girls ready for when that day comes.


Hitting -

Note: all the girls should have a plate when they are hitting. You can easily make one by picking up a floor/door mat at the dollar store and trimming the shape:

Drill #1: Hip Drive
Key point: The back hip is what initiates our swing and the rest follows. This drill isolates that movement.

Drill #2: Hip Drive to Contact
Key point: Our hands then follow that back hip. Adding swing to contact to drill #1 to add focus on hand path and bat whip (hands lead the barrel).

Drill #3: Up the Middle Pitches
Key point: Making sure everything is in line. Back hip initiates swing and swing through, checking to make sure the ball goes back up the middle. Track the pitch from the pitcher to the tee and then can lift back toward the pitcher (don't force the head to stay on the tee after contact, let the body flow through the swing).

Drill #4: Inside Pitches
Key point: Attack the inside part of the ball and create bat whip. The back hip will finish in front of the front hip as you finish the swing all the way through.

Drill #5: Outside Pitches
Key point: Be sure to drive hands far enough forward to create whip with the barrel. Back hip should finish pointed toward right field.

Additional tips from Jim Hanson:
"To tee or not to tee? That is the question."

Launch Angle

Plate Approach - There's Only 2 Counts: 0-2 and 2-0 (Know your favorite pitch)

Pick a Speed: